An improvement was needed to the way emergency tools were secured in the race cars. In 2008 the original prototype was designed and created while attending school, racing full time took over and the design was finally utilized in 2013. Installed in the Championship Trophy Truck and the 50th Baja 1000 overall winner, the Mount is still in operation to today.

Updating, streamlining, and improving the design along with making it universal was the next target. Utilizing the highest grades of aircraft aluminum, titanium, and type III hard anodizing we strive to provide the strongest, lightest, and most reliable platform for you to build off of for any needs your adventure may require.

With over a century of combined off-road, machining, and design knowledge poured into the latest design, we knew one of the most important parts was supporting the local economy. Too many companies boast "Made in America" while importing each part. Taking inspiration from companies like Origin USA, we are uncompromising, and even taking it a step further having everything designed, distributed, and manufactured in Phoenix, AZ.

Uncompromising quality, performance, and reliability will always be in the forefront of our Company. On every adventure, we're with you. 

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